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January 27 — “CounterSpin”: Great chat with Janine Jackson, hosts of this half-hour podcast/radio show that airs on some 160 stations across the US and C nada. Our topic? How the US tax code favors the interests of the wealthy—and why Republicans are doing their level best to make sure the IRS is ill-equipped to collect from wealthy tax cheats.

January 4 — Sirius XM Host Michelangelo Signorile had me on today to talk about how House Republicans are trying to gut the IRS—again—to prevent it from pursuing super-rich tax avoiders.


December 1 — Cameo at Washington, DC, conference hosted by Democracy Alliance, Patriotic Millionaires, Institute for Policy Studies, and the Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute.

November 10 — “What Makes This Song Stink,” Episode 11, with host Pat Finnerty. Pat and I discuss talk about the book before wreaking vengeance on my nemesis: Mike+the Mechanics.

November 1 — “The Economic Red Shift,” journal review by sociologist Dalton Conley, Contemporary Sociology, Vol. 51, Issue 6 (paywalled)

July 7 — “Writer’s Voice” w/ Francesca Rheannon (podcast)

June 26 — “On the Bookshelf” w/ host Dave “Doc” Kirby, WTBF-FM (Troy, Alabama) & other stations

June 17 — “A Public Affair” w/ Esty Dinur, WORT-FM, Madison, Wisconsin

May 21 — Berkeley Public Library Foundation annual Authors Dinner

May 12 — “American journalist sheds light on plutocrats’ anxieties,” by sociologist Hans Dembowski, editor-in-chief, Development+Cooperation

May 4 — Live in conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Barstow at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. Rewatch below, or listen to the podcast version.

May 3 — “Gathering Peace” w/ Joseph Gainza, Central Vermont Community Radio, WGDR-FM. Listen here.

May 2 — “Between the Lines” w/ Scott Harris, WPKN-FM (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

April 29 — “The Bill Newman Show WHMP-FM (Amherst, Northampton, and Greenfield, Mass.) My segment starts at 17:18.

April 28 — “The Jefferson Exchange,” w Geoffrey Riley, Jefferson Public Radio (Southern Oregon, Northern California)

April 7 — “IdeaSphere” w/ Guy Rathbun, KCBX-FM, NPR affiliate (San Luis Obispo, CA) Listen here.

April 6 — The Exchange” w/ Mary Hartnett, Siouxland Public Media (Iowa) Listen here.

April 4 — “Radio with a View w/ Marc Stern, WMBR-FM (Cambridge, Mass.)

April 1 — “Wade’s WorldWAMF 90.3 FM (New Orleans) & eight sister stations

March 31 — “The Michaelangelo Signorile Show” (SiriusXM Radio)

March 23 — It’s Our Money, with Ellen Brown (Public Banking Institute podcast)

March 18 — The Jimmy Malone Show (iHeart Cleveland Radio, 1350 AM)

March 7 — “The Rick Smith Show” (Cleveland, Ohio, & syndicated) Listen here.

March 1 — Profile: “East Bay Expense Account,” Diablo magazine


Nov. 27 — “Als Miljonair kun je je ook arm voelen.” A Jackpot article in NRC Handelsblad, the Netherlands’ newspaper of record. I can’t read Dutch, but I assume it’s glowing praise!

Nov. 19 — Podcast: Had a great conversation about the surreal lives of the super-rich with conservative Daily Beast senior columnist Matt Lewis. (Which goes to show you can enjoy Jackpot no matter your politics.)

Nov. 8 — “Goons and Stooges and Rough-Jacks” In which I team up with the Slate Money podcast cohosts—Axios’s Felix Salmon and journalist Emily Peck—for a saucy episode recap of HBO’s Succession. We debate whether the show is a comedy, how true it hews to real life, and how patriarch Logan Roy uses his love to manipulate his children.

Oct. 29 — “Into the realm of the super-rich: Oakland author reports from the gilded edge,” The Mercury News (and sister papers)

Ray Chavez, Mercury News

Oct. 6 — “Rich Management,” excerpt in Metro, Silicon Valley

Sept. 21 — “The Lowdown” with Ira Wood, WOMR-FM (Cape Cod)

Sept. 3 — Podcast: The Tully Show, with comedian and New York Times best-selling author Mike Tully

Aug. 21 — “‘Vivons heureux, vivons caché: le mantra des milliardaires américains” ( “Let’s live happily, let’s live in hiding: the mantra of American billionaires”), by Philippe Boulet-Gercourt, L’Obs (a.k.a Le Nouvel Observateur). This article is in French, and behind a paywall—malheureusement

New Yorkers en route to the Hamptons for the weekend. Richard B. Levine/Newscom/SIPA

Aug. 10 — “A Fresh Take on Concentrated Privilege From ‘Jackpot,'” by Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

Aug. 6 — “Winner Takes All: Michael Mechanic’s Deep Dive into the Super-Rich,” by Lauren Sarazen, Los Angeles Review of Books

Aug. 3 — Event: “The Rich Get Richer: How Our Quest to Accumulate Wealth has Divided America,” live signing and conversation with author/researcher Chuck Collins (The Wealth Hoarders) at 118 Elliot gallery, Brattleboro, VT. Sponsored by Everyone’s Books.

July 26 — “No, the rich aren’t like the rest of us: Michael Mechanic on the secret worlds of wealth,” by Chancey DeVega, Salon

Getty Images

July 11 — Review in “This Land,” the newsletter of Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn

July 2 — Radio: “Unheard Voices,” KSQD community radio (Santa Cruz, CA)

June 22 — “The Millionaires Who Want to Abolish Extreme Wealth,” by Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein, The New Republic

June 16 — “Editor’s Picks: What to Read and Watch This Summer,” California magazine.

June 11 — “The Bradcast” w/ Brad Friedman’s KPFK-FM (Los Angeles & syndicated)

June 8 — Instagram Live: With journalist Jesse Mechanic (no relation)

June 7 — Interview: The Giving Review, Part 1 & Part II

June 3 — “Life of the 1 PercentCover story/excerpt in Monterey County Weekly. Online here.

May 31 — “The Poor Subsidize the Giving of the Rich,” FrankNews

May 21 — “Stand Up! With Pete Dominick” (Podcast, starting at ~29:00.)

May 19 — “The Sit-Down,” with DJ Sixsmith, CBS Local

May 18 — “Back to School,” a podcast hosted by comedian and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” guest host Maz Jobrani.

May 13 — “The Wealth Myth,” by Jeffrey Anderson, Red Canary Magazine. Plus: Jackpot excerpt.

May 13 — Radio: “It’s the Economy,” with host Claudia Cragg, KGNU-FM community radio (Denver/Boulder, Colorado)

May 6 — Radio: The Rick Ungar Show, a syndicated program wherein we talk about the gutting of the IRS’s ability to go after wealthy tax cheats.

May 5 — Profile: “Wasteful World,” in Oakland’s weekly East Bay Express

May 3 — “How the Extreme Wealth Gap Harms Us AllOn Point, with Megna Chakrabarti. WBUR-FM (Boston, and syndicated on hundreds of NPR stations)

April 29 — “Background Briefing with Ian Masters,” KPFK-FM (Los Angeles)

April 28 — “‘Jackpot’ Looks at How Inequality Is Experienced by the Very, Very Rich,” by Jen Szalai, The New York Times

April 27 — “Late Mornings with Jeff Schechtman,” KVON-FM (Napa, CA)

April 27 — “The Majority Report” with Sam Seder (YouTube/Podcast)

April 23 — The Secret Credit Card That’s Only for the Rich,” excerpt on Timothy Noah’s “Backbencher” substack

April 22 —Mike talks wealth and inequality with Dashka Slater, author of the nonfiction best-seller The 57 Bus, via A Great Good Place for Books (Oakland, CA).

April 20 — “How the Rich Mask Their Greed With Ostentatious Philanthropy, by Lewis Beale, the Daily Beast

April 20 — A Jackpot chat with bestselling author and veteran DC reporter David Corn via Labyrinth Books (Princeton, NJ)

April 19 — “Get Up!” w/ Michael Causey, WOWD-FM (Takoma Park, Maryland)

April 14 — “America’s Wealth Gap Is Much More Obscene Than You Had Imagined,” by Molly Schwartz. And audio: The Mother Jones Podcast, w/ Jamilah King.

April 14 — “Michael Mechanic Takes on the Absurdities of the Super-Rich,” by Christina Waters, Good Times. (Plus a shout-out from editor Steve Palopoli.)

April 13 — Yahoo Finance TV

April 13 — It’s All Political,” podcast w/ SF Chronicle reporter Joe Garofoli

April 12 — “Want to Be Really Rich? First Read This!” by former Chicago Tribune reporter Michael Millenson, via Medium

April 9 — “The 20 Best Books of Spring 2021” & “The 10 Best Nonfiction Books of 2021 (So Far),” Esquire

April 7 — “Princeton High School Graduate Discusses His Book About Super-Rich,” by Anne Levin, Town Topics (Princeton, NJ)

April 7 — “Oakland Writes,” East Bay Express.

April 4 — “Research Proves It: There’s No Such Thing as Noblesse Oblige,” except in The Atlantic

March 2 — “The 42 Must-Read Books of Spring 2021,” Town & Country magazine

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