The book comes with a free $100 bill. Okay, that’s a blatant lie, but order it anyway!

“Jackpot” Wins 2022 Axiom Award

Hey, hey! Some good news from my publisher this morning: Jackpot has won the Gold Medal in the Economics category of the 2022 Axiom awards, which focus on books related to business.

One thing I’ve noticed about many of the major book awards is that they tend to honor the books that are already super-famous and best-sellers. Those books are worthy, for sure. The problem is, that most other books, even really great ones, tend to get ignored, so only a handful end up with nearly all of the recognition. The same happens with publications’ year-end lists—they tend to read and highlight the same books that everyone else already has, which also happen to be the same handful of books the publishers spend most of their marketing budgets on. It’s a big pile-on.

All of which is to say, I appreciate that the Axiom Awards pays attention to books like mine, which have gotten a good bit of positive critical attention, yet somehow haven’t made it into that elite realm where success snowballs into more and more success—a realm, in fact, that is very like the one I write about in Jackpot, wherein wealth begets more wealth.

Anyway, I’m just glad I can now say I wrote an “award-winning” nonfiction book!

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