Class Action. Working to combat classism and class biases.

Justice Funders. A Bay Area network whose members aim to transform philanthropy-as-usual so as to redistribute opportunity, power, and, ultimately, wealth.

Patriotic Millionaires/Wealth for the Common Good. High-net-worth individuals pushing for more fairness in taxation, wages, and political influence.

Resource Generation.  A group of fortunate young people exploring how to use their family wealth to advance social justice.

Solidaire Network.  Promoting the funding of social change movements.

Women Donors Network.  Leverages members’ wealth and expertise to pursue systemic change and access to economic opportunities for those who lack them. Women’s Foundation of California.  Calling its members “feminists for racial, economic, and gender justice,” the group has a “Funders Policy Institute” that teaches women to fund and advocate effectively for progressive social policies.


Americans for Tax Fairnesss.  A coalition of national and regional groups fighting for more equitable taxation.

Bioneers. “A fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.”

Center for Community Change. Helps low-income people get involved in improving their communities.

Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency Coalition. A nonpartisan alliance dedicated to opposing tax-haven abuses and corporate chicanery.

Hedgeclippers. Draws attention to the outsized influence of hedge funds and billionaires in the political process. A portal for data, analysis, and commentary on economic inequality.

Institute for Policy Studies. A group of scholars and activists working with social movements to promote democratic ideals and challenge the concentration of wealth, corporate influence, and military power.

Jobs with Justice. Fighting for workers’ rights and an economy that works for all.

National Domestic Workers Alliance and Caring Across Generations. A coalition seeking recognition and labor protections for domestic workers.

National People’s Action. A grassroots network advancing economic and racial justice.

Other 98 Percent. A progressive grassroots network that uses social media to reshape America’s prevailing economic narratives.

Public Citizen. A consumer-rights group and think tank aiming to ensure all citizens are well-represented in the halls of power.

Racial Wealth Divide Project. A Prosperity Now initiative that harnesses the group’s partner network to “aggressively address racial economic inequality.”

RESULTS. Promotes civic engagement and advocacy on hunger/poverty issues.

TaxJusticeNow. The companion website to the 2019 book The Triumph of Injustice, and a repository for economic data related to income, wealth, and inequality.

Unidos US. Part of a national network advocating for the civic engagement, prosperity, and civil rights of Latinos in the United States.

United for a Fair Economy. Educates the public on economic inequality.