Mother Jones illustration; Michael Brochstein/Getty

These 10 Billionaires Went All-In Trying to Get Donald Trump Re-elected

January 15, 2021 — Dozens of major companies, from Amazon to Walmart, have rushed to distance themselves from President Donald Trump following last week’s mob attack on Capitol Hill. Some have done the same with other GOP politicians who behaved despicably by parroting the president’s election fraud lies, and then officially (and opportunistically) taking steps to overturn the results of a overwhelmingly fair and democratic presidential election.

The companies in question appear to have concluded that supporting a twice-impeached president and his minions is not the greatest look for their brands. Most have, at least temporarily, halted political giving to the so-called “Coup Caucus.” But it was the financial support of those same Republicans by corporations and dozens of individual billionaires who enabled this mess in the first place….Here’s a guide to the Top 10, based on data from the Institute for Policy Studies and the Federal Election Commission’s campaign finance database. [Read more.]

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