Bookshelf detail. (Michael Mechanic)

A Toast To My Ink-Stained Comrades

November 19, 2020As I come tantalizingly close to publishing this book, it behooves me to send my gratitude to the scholars, biographers, and fellow “enemies of the people” who helped me immensely in my mission by means of their own reporting and research, books, advice, and personal insights. I did not read every word of every one of these books, but read many in their entirety, bits of some, and large sections of others, finding much to cite, inform, and inspire. So here’s a toast to, as they say down south, all y’all, for your hard work. Completing this book feels kind of like giving birth, and you are all my midwives. Well, okay. That seemed like a good metaphor as I was writing it 10 seconds ago. Here’s a snapshot showing more. Lots of stuff worth checking out. And kudos to all!

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